Watching you strip from hell~

I picked up spicy corn chips by mistake

it feels like my mouth is bleeding 8U

Thought this place was a comic book shop but it was a restaurant 8U
the menu was wicked crazy too

It was closed at the time so sadly didnt go in

  1. shinhing said: Sounds about right, should have used your hand for a bit.

How the shit do I walk with my hands???

  1. shinhing said: Why’s they aching?

Been walking around all day

corpseface asked: what is ur favourite thing 2 touch with ur fingers

Ur heart UuU

Or soft sand lol

  1. shinhing said: What you up to then?

Resting my aching feet at the mo

end-it-ed23 asked: If you could, what superpower would you like to have?

The power to fly! Would def save money on travelling lol

daco-taco asked: HERE IS A QUESTION FOR YOU GURL how you been doin


I’m fine thanks =) Been busy and exhausted nowadays but doing good compared to before.

Hope all is well with you too <3

Jesus shit everything shuts at 5:30-6:30pm here!

So yeah in my hotel room right now so if you wanna, shoot some asks or whateves cus I’m bored as shit 8U




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